Postcards from Bonnaroo: Notes from the First Press Conference

After gang-bang introducing the victis, ESQUIRE's man about music Andy Langer starts leading down corridors, shoving downstairs + setting up triple entenders like milk cans on a midway. Here's shards of what happened. (& there's more on Twitter, #vivaroo)

Kim (of Matt & Kim) on having the best attendence on the festival circuit

We have a hard time saying no… But I think the approach to summer is “say fucking yes” to everything

LANGER 12 Weeks of Summer Raging?
Kim: That's the amount of time & rage before you either die or pass out. well, except maybe YOU. You could go, probablly 13. I've seen you party.


Ed Helms  (this is a BIG Bonnaroo for you, Langer prompts)

Variety show in comedy tent: Whiskey Sour Radio Hour

Then on Sunday, the Buegrass Situation stage is going to be awesome

Langer… this is the 10th year of comedy @ Bonnaroo; what do your friends tell you about doing comedy in the middle of Tennessee?

Ed Helms: I’m the last of my friends to be here, to come + perform here… it’s the best, others “its absolutely insane. You just have to scream. The whole time” -- and you do. You SCREAM... all the time.


Langer leans into the pop/soul icon John Oates. Teases him about being a virgin.

Oates joins in:

I’m a Bonnaroo Virgin… and I love the idea of thinking I could be a virgin just about anything at this point

one of the things you’re doing is indicative of the new music business (Langer explains, trying to add some grist) a single every month, different collabortaors that'll eventually lead to an album
"what is an album?" Oates says rhetorically


Ed Helms is teed back up, about his musical reason for being here, which is the Bluegrass Situation, who will play on Sunday.

“We’re bringing the heat. Sam Bush, I’ve just been doing comedy to support my banjo playing…

“Just started a website to support the bluegrass and Americana scenes. So, we reached out to some people for our Bluegrass Situation stage.
Del McCoury, Sam Bush, Black Prairie, Jon Fulbright, one fo the punch brothers… as a fan, I’m slobering. Can’t believe we’ve rounded up this group, and in the end, we’re gonna round it all up for a superjam”


Matt & Kim
you’ll do virtually anythingon stage. Last time, Kim’s top literally came off
K: But Bonnaroo is the one festival where there are more titties… and I felt like I was wearing too many clothes.
M: And they’re not really big titties…
K: You can hardly see them from the back....,

M: Yeah, who’s that 15 year old boy
K: there’s a little bunce, though
M It is that time of the month
K Anal onstage. I promise
M: Just trying to make our parents proud,

 the back and forth up and back continues...trying once again to right the ship, Langer goes back to Oats, who asks

J: Are they a brother and sister anal sex act?
K: I’ve been hitting this for 10 years: non-brother & sister
showing that there is no abandoning a tawdry riff when you have road musicians sitting around talking


swabbing cheeks and matching marrow even sounds dirty when Langer says it…
trying to do good for John Oates bone marrow matching charity, and somehow…
Ahhhh, Langer.